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Well time for an update. Christmas and the holiday season are terribly busy for me. But I have checked in periodically. I'm going along and my tenant is doing well. Also things are going well with my Mom. Work is doing well. Sweetie and I are still going out but she has had some serious health issues of her own. She has surgery scheduled this month. Because she was not feeling well she did not go out with me on new years. That brought a lot of bad memories of going "stag" so many times. We will have to see. I'm also building a new computer for myself and it should be fun. It keeps me busy anyway.

Happy New Year to All.

Happy New year to you too.

Happy New year to you too. May the new year bring health to you and yours!

Well this is interesting.

Well this is interesting. Once again I'm writing from the hospital watching the woman in my life sleeping in a hospital bed. Sweetie had her surgery today. Medically all has gone as well as possible. But I will admit to some conflicted feelings. Technically it's old home week slipping back into old patterns even texting progress reports. But it's brought back a lot of memories. Also not sure I want to go back to all the emotions caregiving involves. But for now guess I'll stay, too brave/dumb/committed (pick one) to run.



Praying for you and Sweetie. Please keep us posted.

Sorry to hear you're sweetie

Sorry to hear you're sweetie had surg. praying things better soon!

Take care of yourself, Dave.

Take care of yourself, Dave. Hope Sweetie is back on her feet soon. Both of you are in my prayers.

Good to see you, Dave. I

Good to see you, Dave. I would imagine that it does bring back some old feelings, I think that's normal. Keep us posted.

sorry for the delay in the

sorry for the delay in the update. Sweetie is back home she was released Friday and is doing rather well. The growth was pre cancerous so she will be getting a lot of testing done to be sure she's safe. emotionally she's sounding the best she has in months. It is very nice to hear that. I too am feeling better now I slept in very late this morning and now I need to get up and get ready for breakfast. Have a good weekend everybody.

PS I dictated most of this on my tablet.Android jelly bean speech recognition is pretty nice.

"Android jelly bean speech

"Android jelly bean speech recognition"

Is this English? ;-)

well I'm ovetdue for an

well I'm ovetdue for an update and can't do much else this weekend so I guess it's time. at work things have gotten a lot busier. We lost 1 of our department so until we can hire a replacement we are all working extra hours. At least we get more money.personally I'm having a rough time for the last few days I have a sprained shoulder which although not serious is very painful. Sleep is rather difficult but I am managing. I was in the ER on my own account for this but typical with my health care it was just very painful but not very serious. I didn't even get A real doctor just the physician assistant. thankfully I can dictate most of this on my tablet. Typing is a bit of a challenge these days.

as for sweetie and I I'm not sure where things are going to go. She is recovering well after her surgery and is back at work. But she has not been going to church very much actually not at all. I'm not very happy with that and I may just break up for that reason alone.other than that my tenant and I are doing well.
so I guess that's it for the update.

Dave, I hope that your

Dave, I hope that your shoulder feels better. Stretching may help.

It sounds like you are keeping busy and have moved on with your life after caregiving.

Big Hug and lots of prayers

Big Hug and lots of prayers