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DH has peripheral vascular disease. His right leg was amputated b/c there was no blood supply to the foot & gangrene had set in. The same problem exists in the L leg although not as extensive as the R leg was. The vascular surgeon (VS) sees a small chance to do a bypass & wants DH to go through hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT).

Problem: The wound care center (WCC) dr evaluated DH for HBOT & states DH does not meet any diagnosis that Medicare would approve HBOT for. She wants to say the necrosis (diagnosed by VS) is a blood blister scab she can remove in a month if it is treated w/ iodine. The WCC dr sent us home w/iodine gel, sterile water, & unopened bandages. (Of course Medicare will be billed.). B/c these items were brought into the room, they automatically belong to DH.

Now that I am over the shock that the WCC dr over rode the VS orders, I am ready to fight. I made the VS's nurse aware of the situation via email. Who do I go to to argue my case? A social worker for the hospital the WCC is in? The hospital administrator? I am expecting the VS to come down on DH's side (if VS is in town this week). I know VS is not seeing patients this week & I plan to try to contact a VS colleague.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Update . . . I talked to a

Update . . . I talked to a case manager today at DH's physical therapy who advised me.

I called the VS's nurse & explained the situation. She was appalled the WCC dr was treating the necrosis as a wound as the orders stated HBOT not wound care. The WCC dr also had the postoperative report & a copy of the VS's notes.

I have set a date for another facility with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and learned that each treatment is billed for $960. The first WCC dr wanted us to believe treatments were $300,000 each.

A complaint to the administrator of the first hospital regarding the unprofessionalism of the WCC dr is being made. The dr treated dead skin as a wound, called it a "blood blister," & sent us home with unnecessary medical supplies. Because my husband is much older than I and of a different cultural background, the WCC dr assumed I was his second wife. When I answered a questions about our son, the dr stated, "(She)did not care about my son; (she) was referring to HIS son." When DH said my son was his/our son, the dr said she was interested in blood relatives.

Now DH refuses to go to the next WCC until he sees the VS. He states he has had the necrosis for months & does not see an immediate need for oxygen therapy treatment. So I backed up the VS appt from mid-Dec to Dec 4 with the next WCC dr to be seen on Dec 5. The VS can set DH straight that HBOT now makes a big difference in whether a bypass can be done vs an amputation.

Thx for listening.

Patience can be a virtue when

Patience can be a virtue when dealing w/ medical professionals. Today DH saw the podiatrist recommended by the VS. The podiatrist read the reports sent over by the VS & laid out exactly in what condition the other leg is.

We are returning to the 1st WCC where we had the bad experience. Why? The son of this podiatrist is a podiatrist also & heads up the center. The father is making the referral

DH is scheduled to see the son tomorrow specifically to set up Hyperbaric oxygen treatments per orders of the VS.

A letter of complaint RE the 1st WCC dr is being sent to the head of the WCC as well as the administrator of the hospital where the WCC is located.

If you are not happy w/a medical professional, do not hesitate to put your complaint in a letter to the higher-ups.

Update . . . The 2nd dr at

Update . . . The 2nd dr at the WCC agrees with the surgeon on hyperbaric treatments for DH. I am to expect a call tomorrow to schedule appts for the hyperbaric chamber oxygen treatments.