Dealing with a difficult patient

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Dealing with a difficult patient

I want to know if I did the right thing as a caregiver. It was my first time on the job yesterday... and I work with this patient that has Cerebral Palsy. I was a little nervous of the job.. everything was going well until I spilled his coffee on myself on accident while we just crossed the street. This patient said that I don't have any professionalism because I was nervous. I didn't do anything wrong. He mock my intelligence, thinking that he is right all the time. He is the kind of patient that drives you to say a curse word at him. So what I did was I didn't fight back at him. I told him off a little bit, saying not to talk like that to me. He got very upset, and said that I need an attitude adjustment. Reported me to the agency. He lashed at me and said,"I'm the customer, and you are the worker!" He had some nerve saying that. He didn't want me to touch him. He was being very obnoxious, comparing his educational background, and saying that he has more experience than me. So I didn't fight back with him, I waited for my shift to be over. This guy was very obnoxious and very rude. I want to know,, have you been in this situation before? Did I do the right thing?

Please tell your agency what

Please tell your agency what happened & let them deal w/the client. Although he is the customer, he does not have the right to disrespect those who care for him. The agency may need to send a more assertive person out to deal with this client.

In my years of (general) work experience it seems there are SOME customers who do not have good self esteem. To make themselves feel better they put down service providers like you and me.

You did right in setting boundaries by letting him know you did not appreciate his rudeness.

I applaud you for not arguing w/him. If an argument ensued, the client might have reported you for verbal abuse of a disabled person.

Keep in the back of your mind that the client may feel a shell of what he once was and may be embarrassed that he has to rely on another for help.

My personal opinion is you did the right thing by not arguing.

Thank you very much. I

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. I already reported him. It was one of those strange unpredictable cases. He starts being happy... and spilled coffee minute later he acts very rude and obnoxious. This was a tough situation for me, but I'm glad that I handled it with class. I appreciate you listening to my help. Thank you very much again! :)

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