Hard finding employment

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Hard finding employment

After taking care of my dear father with alzheimer's who has since passed (Virginia).  I am finding it hard to find employment again.  I am in my early 40's and have a degree in Education and have worked extensively in HR.  I taught in a hospital setting right out of college for 6 years and then moved to NYC and worked in HR and training for a company until 2008.  I have a gap in my employment and was wondering if anyone has ideas as to how to make this happen again.  I do include an explanation of my absence in my cover letter.  Any help?  Thanks

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I think you should put it in your coverletter....

I'm not versed on this, but I think you should put it in your coverletter.  Here's a website I found, that talks about it:


hope it helps. 

Thanks a lot. 

Thanks a lot. 

Finding employment

Hi Newkent249

I completely understand your frustration. I would first say go to your local library or purchase " What Color is Your Parachute 2015" by Richard N. Bolles. It has alot of extremely useful information regarding "looking for jobs post 2008" about "re entry in to work force"  about creating an internet presence, etc. I founded the book to be extremely invaluable to me. Also I would also suggest creating Linkedln account. Lastly on my resume I used put Caregiver as my professional for the dates that I was being a care giver.  Hope this helps

Thank you ..

Thanks for your reply and the book reference.  As of now I am fully employed as a Coporate Trainer.  Things really worked out for good.  My gap of employment was not even questioned however I loved taking care of my father and talked about it in my first interview, there were 2 more to follow.  My go to book from time to time is called The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.  Again Thanks ...  

I have a friend facing the

I have a friend facing the same problem. This thread will be helpful to him too.

Hope this helps ... Thanks from the heart ...

Since my last post, I have gotten several promotions.  I am truly thankful.  I am still thinking about my journey and how I can help others.  Just because I am in a better place in my life, I am not abandoning my fellow caregivers.  I will still be active on here and willing to help.  Bless you all .... reach out ...

You deserve what you have

You deserve what you have right now. This thread inspires people who's facing the same situation with you. Congratulations!