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I wish there were, like churches do for families do for young children, have events for caregivers, where in the same place but in another room, there would be activities geared for senior citizens ------ Alkso, why don't neurologist meet with the caregiver and the elderly persobn separately as the issues tha have to be brought up draw accusations of "putting family business in the streets"?


Hi,I've gone through the same thing.

There are times I've wanted to speak to my husband's Dr.'s, alone. I now  either leave a note for him or when we were at the hospital, I'd wait outside of my husband's room for the Dr. to speak to him.Our son says that I'm very good at the ambush technique. I'm 5 foot, the 6'4. :)

The idea of having events for caregivers in the same place but in another room is wonderful! There has to be something out there, just need to find it. I think I will look around and see what I find. Now I'm curious to see what is out there.



JBZOOK, i totally agree with

JBZOOK, i totally agree with your assestment. We need more community engagement and everything else you mentioned.

communicating with doctor


I have my mother's physicians email address so when I have questions, I start sending emails.  He has been really good about answering my questions.  God Bless each one of you