Caring 4 my 23 yr old Anoxic Brain Injury Son

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Caring 4 my 23 yr old Anoxic Brain Injury Son

My son had Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome an electrical communicator heart condition he was born with, that we didn't know about. He suffered a cardiac arrest 1-1-2011 because of it. He has been home since 8-1-2011 with me, his Mom. He does have nurses that come to the house but it has been difficult trusting and keeping home health nurses.
Because of negligence and theft in the past with nurses, I find it difficult to leave the house.
My son is completely disabled and has great difficulty communicating so I feel like I always need to be here because I can usually figure out what he is trying to say. He gets very frustrated and calls for me all the time. I have quit my job and am home all the time. I sometimes don't leave the house for 2 weeks and it is taking a toll on me and now my health. I don't know what to do.