Do I Disclose Her Smoking?

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Do I Disclose Her Smoking?

I care for my elderly aunt who lives on her own. She has diabetes. In the past three months, she started smoking cigarettes again. I will take her to her quarterly doctor's visit soon and I'm unsure of my role sometimes. I am sure she will not let her doctor know she is smoking and I am sure the doctor will not ask her about it because she hasn't smoked for over five years. I would like to mention it to the doctor because I feel he should know, but I'm not sure it is my place to do so. Any insight or experience with this will be much appreciated.

I think it is only

I think it is only appropriate to speak to your aunt first definitely. Sometimes when I feel unsure about my Mom's habits, I have to imagine someone telling me I can't do something or how would I feel if someone I trusted revealed something  personal to me!. Try approaching your conversation with her in terms of smoking as a safety issue or a deterrent to already poor health. I think privacy, trust, and honesty are essential keys to offering care. That is just my 2 cents, but best wishes friend. Know that it takes a special person with a deep heart to take care of a loved one! As disturbing as it is to know all of the people on this forum are suffering due to a grossly inadequate health system, I find it comforting to know that there are so many of us who have such generous hearts. Even if we take care of our own because we have to, we still making the best effort to do so! You might call a Medicare nurse manager and get advice from the standpoint of a professional as to what the guidelines are as "a carer and caree" I believe you can call the insurance carrier or office of Medicare. 1-800- medicare ...I am pretty sure. You may remain anonymous and just call for information. All luck~

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If she doesn't, you should...

Hi, I'm new to the forum but what a great resource for caregivers!  I am a physical therapist by trade and a senior consultant as well.  I would say the doctor needs to know no matter what she wants and here's why: The doctor may prescribe or rescind certain medications based on whether she is currently smoking or not. I would tell her that if she doesn't tell the doctor, then you will be - be up front with her and tell her why it might be important. Hopefully she'll be able to do it tell the doctor herself.

I quit smoking just about 15 years prior

I quit smoking just about 15 years prior. It was hard however I simply continued letting myself know I would not light or smoke the following cigarette. I attempted a wide range of things in the few endeavors I made before achievement. I was so tired of smoking, I was hacking my head off one morning and I didn't ( proved unable) smoke throughout the day.When I understood that I had truly gone an entire day without smoking I said that on the off chance that I could just not light and smoke the following cigarette I could stop smoking. For me it worked. I didn't say it was genuine simple, it was hard, yet I stayed with it and now every one of these years after the fact despite everything I won't light or smoke that next cigarette  its too hard but i do it for my family and now i lived a healthy life enjoying my job at so i say its not easy but not impossible 

I think you should this

I think you should this discuss this information with your Aunt first. To to get her thoughts on whether or not it should be disclosed. If she resists, kindly point out why you believe it should be disclosed Hopefully you guys can come to an agreement.

I think about for my aged

I think about for my aged aunt who lives on her be in possession of. She has diabetes. In the ancient times three months, she started be on fire cigarettes over again. I will take her to her periodical doctor's visit soon and I'm unsure of my role from time to time. 

talk with her first, and then with doctor

Since you are looking after her, you should first talk with your aunt about this. Tell her that this habit can greatly affect your life. If she resists, then you should talk about this with the doctor. Keep it confidential, and let him treat her. In the end if her health is recovered, she'll be happy and thankful right. So go ahead and talk with your aunt about this.