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very frustrating

I am taking care of my father now,he is no longer independent after his stroke in July of this year,we are in and out of the hospital a lot and constantly going to Dr.appointments.
My frustration of late is that not one Dr we see is on the same page as the other....why can't we have a system that is more consistent????
Sorry for yelling,I dread even going to the Dr sometimes ....
Now my father has started showing signs of dementia and has decided that none of the doctors do him any good,the meds don't work,so now every trip is an adventure....anyone else feel this way?


I am in a similar situation - several drs who need to be on the same page.

I make sure the main drs (cardiovascular dr and the Primary Care Physician PCP) receive my hubby's DH medical records from other drs and each other. If it means filling out a medical release record at each individual dr's visit, I do so.

Dad is entitled to a copy of his medical records, also. Consider requesting a copy of the results of every office visit for Dad's (your) records.

Dear AJDchipom63: After my

Dear AJDchipom63: After my husband's stroke, we went to a multitude of drs, including his PCP. The result was that none of them did anything and generally passed the buck to another. My suggestion is to choose a specialist most appropriate to your father's needs and who is willing and able to act as the PCP. Or, find a board-certified internist who is willing to take on your father and coordinate and manage his care. In our case, that was a pulmonologist/internist experienced in critical care medicine. With multiple drs, no one ever becomes familiar with the patient in a holistic sense, which means that medications and treatments may not be appropriate. It took me a couple of years to find this dr and while I searched, my husband didn't get everything he needed. My advice is to be pro-active, speak up and make sure the dr is willing and able to assume responsibility for managing his care. Good luck and God bless.

I am caregiver to my mom a d

I am caregiver to my mom a d spouse. I . As m not able to have employment as it takes away from things. My mom does nit allow me to have friends, complains about them and my children. I am constantly reminded of his many times she goes to the bathroom, her weight, her blood sugars etc, my hubby has renal disease, legally blind plus other stuff. I now have no friends, they walked away, anybody else she tells them her medical. She has her desperate place but will not give hubby and I time. We as a member of elder services and was going to disseminating they dropped everything. Cleaning services, counseling and massage for me. Said my situation was not improving. I am at wits end.