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Found this community thanks to following Dan Gasby after reading his book "Before I Forget" and just watching him on YouTube. I'm sure my husband has Alzheimer's but we have yet to have it officially diagnosed by his doctor. Another medical person is the one who told me she suspects it's what he has. After reading the book, I'm certain. It resonated with me in every way. Besides, his late mother, father, and brother all developed it - and this kind of anger was the most obvious symptom with all of them. It's another way that I finally guessed what was happening. He is following in their footsteps.

The hardest thing for me to deal with is my husband's constant anger and sarcasm - two traits he never had before the changes started. I seem to be able to deal with everything else, but not this. It is always so hurtful. I look at photos from earlier years and feel this is now a different man almost entirely. I hardly know him anymore.  

We are beginning the steps to have him diagnosed, but it doesn't seem we can let him know what we are doing or why - at least not  yet. I know there would be hell to pay if he suspects. He is forgetting things quite often, but is absolutely sure I'm the one doing the forgetting. (I do forget things too, of course. The difference is that I know I have forgotten. He doesn't.) 

How do Alzheimer's caregivers deal with the anger, the sarcasm, and the hurt along with the fact that things can change at the snap of a finger - one moment almost himself, the next moment an angry person I don't know. I realize that after dealing with this for some time - and only recognizing the problem for a few months now -  along with feeling like I'm living with a time bomb, I do get depressed.

I'm sure it will help me a great deal to be able to discuss Alzheimer's and all of its challenges here with all of you.
Thank you.