Naturopathy for Alzheimer's?

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Naturopathy for Alzheimer's?

Hi!! I have been taking care of my mom who is suffering from Alzheimer's. She had been in this state for a year. Everyone was shocked when the doctor said she is having Alzheimer's. He said it is because of the hormonal fluctuation.
She has started showing laziness these days. The doctor said it will be risky if she is not doing things by herself. He advised taking her to physiotherapy treatment or make her do small exercises from home. This laziness can lead to complete memory loss all of a sudden. 
One of my friends said undergoing naturopathy treatment might be helpful. She researched online regarding this and advised me to take my mom to a therapist in Toronto asap. Any thoughts? I'm planning to give it a shot. I know this can't be completely cured but could be prevented to an extent. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!