24yrs old and a nurse 24hrs a day

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24yrs old and a nurse 24hrs a day

Hey everybody. I just found this community and I am hoping it will help before I explode and do something not so great for my own health as I have a history.

Background: I started dating my partner (we are gay so if that's not cool turn around now. lol) last February. She informed me she had a couple health problems, one being chronic headache 24hrs a day and just minor symptoms of stuff. Well within this last year it has involved into multiple diagnosis and complications. Her list includes: ehlers-danlos syndrome which she is luck to only have mild symptoms of although those symptoms are severe reasonless pain, POTS, Cranial Cervical instability, Gastroparesis, Reynaud's Syndrome, Chronic pain from 3 of those diagnosis and other random symptoms like palpitations and chest discomfort (been tested and nothing is diagnosed there so far). She has had a port placed, been in physical therapy, had a G-J tube placed and is looking into buying a wheelchair for when we go out because she is basically stuck at home. Any effort is too much for her and causes days of lying in one spot after. I myself also have a few issues ones being essentially chronic fatigue and idiopathic hypersomnia. I sleep about 16hrs a day or I am a zombie. 4 hrs out also does me in but I need to be able to function and help her bc she is in pain and exhausted. I am also a nurse and work full time in an ICU.

So I access her port, go to work, come home hang IV fluids and tube feeds, draw up her meds, carry her to bed and tuck her in (if she didn't sleep that night bc of pain), then I tuck myself in and repeat.

I'm about to explode! We haven't even been together a year. We moved in together which is suddenly hitting me like a ton of bricks, even though we were basically living together before only it was just my name on the lease. I have no romantic drive and am scared that will never work with us.

ahhhh wow that felt good to vent but I’m still so worked up.