Suggestion for new caregiver of my dad

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Suggestion for new caregiver of my dad

Hello, people here. It is for my dad I am writing here. He is 80+. I am in need of a suggestion. For five years I have taking care of my dad. As I have to go for a business tour I have decided to hire a caregiver ( ) from Diamond personnel from Toronto. I am really sad for leaving my dad here alone with the caregiver. Before going I wanna make sure I give proper instructions in regards to the things that has to be taken special care. He was diagnosed with diabetics, so I want to make sure, the caregiver gives the correct amount of food considering my dad's health condition. Can anyone here, suggest me the steps and things that I should be telling my dad's new caregiver so that I could see my dad happy and healthy like now after my tour? I am quite worried about my dad's health. I want to see him happy, satisfied and healthy with his new caregiver. If there were any chance I would have definitely taken my dad with me.

Discuss with your dad and

Discuss with your dad and chose a right person.

You need to discuss things

You need to discuss things with you dad and the caregiver you hire. And, I think the caregiver will take a proper care your dad. Stop worrying!