Are mobile hoists practical when caring for someone at home??

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Are mobile hoists practical when caring for someone at home??

Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if anyone had any caring experience when using mobile patient hoists before, which are similar to this compact design -

I was wondering because I am currently looking after my elderly mother and its a struggle bathing her. So, I was wondering if this design would be practical in the home.


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Mobile Hoist/Hoyer Lift

Hi Mandy,

My name is Lauren and I work as an Occupational Therapist in Home Health, I have experience coming up with bathing solutions and have worked with mobile hoists/hoyer lifts like the one you linked to.  I would need some more information on your Mother to help problem solve the best solution. Is she bed bound? Wheelchair bound?  Is she capable of bearing weight on her legs to transfer from bed to chair?

Does your Mom currenty have and use a hoyer lift?  Hoyer lifts are typically used for someone who is completely dependent and unable to transfer (meaning getting from their bed to their wheelchair or a chair).  This means that they cannot bear weight through their legs for a pivot transfer with the assistance of 1-2 people, or it is unsafe to do it this way.  I have seen them in the home, however, it is most practically used to get from bed to wheelchair and not much else.  It CAN be used to get to a commode for toileting or a shower chair for bathing, however this is often very difficult to do and people who need this device generally complete bathing and toileting while in bed.

Where you trying to get your Mom to bath in the shower or to complete a bed bath?