Family vs non-family member as caregiver

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Family vs non-family member as caregiver

I'm looking for some help, hopefully some information. My siblings believe that it is better for my mother to remain in the adult foster care facility where she is now living instead of she and I getting a home and me (now certified) providing her care. My sister has stated that in cases of dementia a stranger is a better choice as a caregiver than a family member. So I've been researching trying to find documentation on the benefits of having a family member provide care or even something that supports what she said. Mostly what I find is that it is preferable for the loved one to stay in their own home if possible, As to who provides the care, I don't find that addressed. In addition most of these "white papers" are written by agencies who offer in-home health care.

Summary: Any information or personal anecdotes on family vs non-family as a care giver would be very helpful. Thanks.