If the only caregiver dies, what to do with the care recipient

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If the only caregiver dies, what to do with the care recipient

I am the sole caregiver for my Mom, who had a stroke last year. I am with her 24 hours a day and have durable, as well as, medical POA for her. Mom is on Medicare and is over-assetted for Medicaid.

I have no plan in place in case I unexpectedly die or am incapacitated. How do I make prearranged plans for Mom's immediate move into a nursing home, should I meet an untimely demise? I have a successor POA for her, but that is as much "a plan" as I have in place.

Suggestions, anyone?

Contact an attorney who

Contact an attorney who specializes in Elder Care Law. He may be able to better advise you than I.

Do you have a home health nurse who visits Mom a couple times a week & a CNA/housekeeper that comes once a week to 'break' you? If Mom's dr orders the visits, Medicare should pay. The social worker for the agency could give you some suggestions.

How well can Mom get around on her own? Start visiting facilities (assisted living) where you would consider placing Mom. If there is one that has senior day care, let mom go there once a week to be around peers. (There is a cost attached.)

In general I would contact your local Agency on Aging & set an appt w/a social worker for advice.

The person I am a caregiver to moved to assisted living after experiencing sr day day for 2 yrs.

Hope this was of some help.