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change of clothes

I have been my fathers care giver for almost 3 years steady now. all the sudden my father has decided not to change his clothes. He sleeps in his regular clothes so I can't sneak in his room and collect them and wash them. I remind him in the morning they are from the day before but he insists i'm just saying that. Today is July 5th and thses wet boxers and pants and socks have been on my father since July 2nd.  I have tried everything. even my son and his wife had mentioned they were getting to smell. today I told him I needed to spray just so i could breath. I have not ever until today told him the clothes smell as I didn't want to upset him. 

All day he just kept shrugging and never changed. Please does anyone have any Ideas on how i can get him to change. 

How old is he? Why does he

How old is he? Why does he not want to change his clothes? did he say?