Ed Mathews
Lake Jackson
Caregiver Relationship: 
Living Arrangements: 
Share Home
Primary Illness: 
Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Ed. I am a 73 year old male who cares for my 70 year old wife, Glen. Glen has progressive multiple sclerosis and diabetes with numerous associated health difficulties including severe pain. She is an invalid who has required a full time caregiver since 1994. Her physical abilities is limited to being able to use her hands and arms to slide off of the bed into a wheel chair and from there into an easy chair and then reverse these steps. She no longer has any use of the rest of her body and legs. She can no longer get on the bath stool in the bath tub to use the shower so I give her (bed) baths,wash her hair in the kitchen sink, fix her hair as best I can, catherterize her every 4-5 hours to void,irrigate her stoma (she wears a colostomy pouch) daily for a bowel movement, dress her, fix her meals and keep house. Some days I feel completely overwhelmed.

Wish List: 
1. A sunken shower stall that would enable me to give her a shower in her wheel chair. 2. Someone to clean and dust the house at least once a week. 3. A qualified person to care for her while I take one day and night away from caregiving so I could rest and relax.