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Join Caregiver Action Network

Family Caregivers can join the Caregiver Action Network for FREE!

Is my membership really free?
Yes. If you are caring for a loved one with chronic illness, disability, or the frailties of old age, you are a family caregiver. Whether you are living with your loved one, coordinating his or her care, visiting from a distance or checking in by phone, you are a family caregiver. And you can join CAN for FREE.

Is my information kept confidential?
Yes. Your information is completely safe with us. We will NEVER share, sell, rent or in any way release your personally identifiable information to any third party for any reason. CAN will use the answers you and others provide in the aggregate to understand your needs and provide you with better service.

Why should I join CAN?
Members of the Caregiver Action Network can

  • receive our monthly e-newsletter TakeCare! to learn the most recent caregiving news and tips
  • connect with other family caregivers on the Forum to receive encouragement and advice
  • receive support from a CAN volunteer who can help you locate resources in your community
  • share their story to help other caregivers

How Do I join CAN?
To become a member of the Caregiver Action Network, please complete the following form.