Joshua Irick

young harris
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Primary Illness: 
Spinal Cord Injury

in April josh had his third heart attack and was sent to a large hospital in Atlanta where we spent 82 days. the first seven weeks were scary he spent them in a medical coma,on life support. they neglected him so bad that he has stage 4 pressure sores on his bottom as well as his ankles. when they run or unhooked the life support,they messed something up and cost him,to be paralyzed form the waist down with a 99% chance it will be permit due to the sores on the right leg,they may have to remove it from the knee down.Josh is type one diabetic,he is in chestive heart failure still. he has problems with his kidneys now and due to the experience in the hospital with the neglect and being overdosed not once but twice,he has PTSD,bipolar disorder,and what they call ICU dementia. we literally life it day by day and we go to the hospital,where most stay a couple days for a uti we now do five weeks so they can make sure that the uti didn't cause anymore damage to his body. they wont accept him in rehab because he needs heart surgery but he cant have surgery until his upper body strength is enough to live through having his chest being busted open.

he is only 31 which he turned in a medical coma on may rd this year. 

Wish List: 
we just want his records from the first hospital stay so we can get his ssi that he has been denied seven times for lack of proof