Caring for Learning Disabled Teen

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Pam Yewell
Caring for Learning Disabled Teen

I am caring for and housing my 18 year old grandaughter. She has two types of epilepsy and has an IQ of about 70. She has struggled with school most of her life. This was not made any easier by the fact that her mother, my daughter, found fault with every teacher, school and doctor she came in contact with. We have home schooled, extension programs and so on only to put all three of her children farther and farther behind. Her oldest, who also lives with us, got his GED and is working to pass the ACT. The youngest one who is 15 and still lives with his mother is not in school at all.

My grandaughter is a lovely young lady but is imature for an 18 year old. More like 13 or 14. I wanted to put her back in school to try to let her graduate but because she is only on a 3rd to 5th grade educational level and she is 18 they won't take her back in either public school or the private home-school we had used in the past.

I have no idea what to do or where to turn. I live in Memphis, TN and our educational system is about as bad as it gets anyway but in order to get education for a young adult with LD it is super expensive. One place is $300 for 15 sessions.

We can't afford to pay for anything like that because we now have extra mouths to feed and our daughter walked away from her house that we co-signed for.

I probably am the only one of this forum with this type of problem but at least it's a place to vent.

I do have elder caregiving in common with most of you. I took care of my mother and my aunt for many years. It was difficult but I did make it and so did they. I loved those two women so much and I find now with all this going on I would love to pick up a phone and call one of them.

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special education

Your granddaughter should be eligible for adult education through the age of 21. Contact the school district and ask about programs for 18-21 year olds. It may be at a community college or elsewhere, but there should be programs available for her. Don't take no for an answer. And thank-you.