Running a business and caring for sister with cancer

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Running a business and caring for sister with cancer

Hi. I am new to this site. Thanks for letting me vent and giving any advice you can.

I own a business  and I am also the caregiver for my sister who has small cell lung cancer.  Her children are estranged so they are not helping. To top it off I also care for my 86 year old mom.  Luckily she is in pretty good health but she gets jealous because I am waiting my sister, even though mom knows sister is not doing good. I am totally exhausted.  I went through a divorce and never got a chance to mourn that before mom moved in with me. Now my sister.  I am very thankful that I can take care of her, but my business is suffering and so am I.  I get to the point I hate to hear her call for me, even though I k ow she cannot get up .  I have to do basically everything for her. I have an aide coming for two hours a day and I am working from home, but I need time away.  I need someone to step in and help.  I hate having these feeling and I know it is normal, but I don't like it.  And I don't want to say anything around family, I don't want her to feel like she is a burden.  Help please!


I totally feel your pain,

I totally feel your pain, Dani. I, too am looking for a solution. So far, in essence, I have come to the conclusion that the situation will not change - the people around me will not, cannot change, so I have to. But that's where I am stuck, because I have so much resentment built up. If it is any consolation, you are not alone by far. 
I spoke to a young lady at a store yesterday. She seemed frazzled, so I asked her if she was okay. That's all it took for her to tell me all her woes. Young couple, two kids, married 3 years. She would hav eto give up her retail job to care for her husband's father that is moving in next week. She was devastated. She did not know how to care for an old man who had personal hygiene issues (as she put it), no nursing experience, and she did nto like him, and he did not like her to begin with.

Hearing her talk, somewhat took away some of my frustration, because she is so young, and I know what she will be facing, and I was angry that cancer was taking her life and putting it on hold, just like mine - but I had at least had decades of enjoying life, and my freedom, and my husband as he used to be.
Don't know if this helps any ...