Hello from Idaho!

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Hello from Idaho!

Hi ! Thanks in advance for listening to any whining.
Sorry for very long post
Here is my situation and or background. I am 48 and am currently in disability for lower back problems and permanent nerve damage to my left leg that requires a cane to walk safely. I am soon to be going under the knife again to hopefully fix a couple discs that are protruding into my spinal cord in my neck. For the last year I have been taking care of my step dad who #1 had to have a hip replacement on his left side...#2 he had previously exhibited some questionable judgement and after a wreck his driving was "suspended" ( we attributed it to him taking pain pills and sneaking alcohol...he is 74 by the way..after hip surgery he seemed to get worse mentally...forgetting places in a place he grew up in..forgetting how to start a lawnmower when he was a lawnmower mechanic for 20+ years etc. # 3 he had to have emergency double hernia surgery. A week later my 74 yr old mother had to have back surgery..a month later her gallbladder had to be removed..she loses her balance frequently and cannot get up on her own.

Now 2 months later I've had to have emergency gallbladder surgery and now am facing surgery to prevent possible paralysis...hopefully with positive results and not be in a wheelchair when it's done.

Ok that is the basic story..it has a few complications I will or can get into later...but this is a good time to again say HI AND THANKS