When a Loved One Dies

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When a Loved One Dies

Until recently, I was the sole caregiver for my mom. She passed away tragically from a heart attack last weekend. We were very close and I miss her very much. Because I wasn't a signer on all her accounts I had to use my own money to pay  the funeral home. I'm struggling with other financial difficulties because of this. I can't learn from my mistakes as this probably will never happen again, but all of you can learn from my mistakes. If you are a family member and the sole caregiver for your loved one maker sure you are the signer on all their accounts. This will may be the last time I post.

Joan Atlas
Life after caregiving seems like a black hole.

For close to ten years, I have been a caregiver for my mom who is 90 years of age. I know I really started earlier, but I have lived my life with the idea of taking care of her needs alone. LOL Yes I do manage to eat and bathe, but for a long time, I just rushed through my own life so that I would have time to take care of my mom. So I ask you how do you plan to get rid of the emptiness and how are you dealing with depression and other feelings? I can't imagine how terrible it must be for you. I am deeply sorry.  To me, this is more than having someone pass in your life. Being a caregiver makes it so much worse if that makes sense.