New to site, looking for support and guidance

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New to site, looking for support and guidance

Hi am new to this site, and a relatively new primary care-giver.

My mother passed away, leaving my 95+ year old father behind.  Both lived at home, and promised each other to not send the other to a nursing home.    I live in another state, and have had to transplant myself to juggle being his primary care-giver while still maintaining my full time job (which thankfully, I can do remotely). 

It has been 2 months now, and I am finding myself struggling with the balancing act, the patience,  and finding time - even 30 minutes - to take care of myself.   There is no other family to lean on for help or support.

I'm hoping this site can offer some advise on how to handle this new life I've found myself in, and how overwhelming it all is.





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how you holdin up?

How are you doing?