Monitor Seniors Who Live Alone with Amada BeClose

Being with your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week isn’t possible. The ability to keep tabs on your loved one’s daily activities not only provides peace of mind when you’re not there but is crucial in detecting problems (falls, changes in daily activities) in a timely manner. The BeClose with Amada is a tool that not only allows you to monitor the safety and activities of your loved one, but will also alert you if your loved one doesn’t take their medication.

Smart Sensors are placed in high-traffic areas of your loved one’s home (such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom) and sends real time alerts via phone, text or e-mail to you and any other family member designated as a caregiver so immediate action can be taken in the case of an emergency.

The BeClose system receives data reports from these sensors to track trends and vulnerabilities for the senior. The sensors notice if something is out of the ordinary; for example, they will notice if the senior hasn’t taken medication, has left the house in the middle of the night, has been out of bed for a long period of time, or has fallen while trying to get up out of their favorite chair.

The caregivers or family members can monitor the senior’s activity via an online portal and will receive alerts by text, email, or phone call if an issue of concern arises. This real-time distribution of information coupled with the alert system ensures peace of mind for the person being monitored and for their loved ones. It also allows action to be taken quickly if the need arises to do so.

For seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia who may not be able to accurately relay information about their routines or behavior, BeClose technology provides objective reporting so a clearer picture of their condition can be observed. BeClose with Amada acts as a supplement caregiver, and is a way for loved ones to be reassured that a senior is behaving in a normal pattern. Since many seniors only receive around four hours of care a day, BeClose provides information about what happens when caregivers aren’t present.

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