5 Tech Tools For Your Loved One's Safety

Knowing your loved one is safe is a priority. Whether they are at home or out and about, being able to access help immediately when an emergency arises is crucial. These devices can be key in granting you peace of mind while allowing your loved one to stay at home.

In-Home Devices

In-home devices use a landline phone or internet connection to contact trained responders in the case of an emergency, such as a fall or medical crisis. The responders will then get your loved one the proper help they need and notify you/other caregivers of the situation. We have listed a few examples of in-home emergency alert systems below.

  1. LifeStation (In-Home)
  2. MobileHelp Classic

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are devices that connect your loved one with emergency assistance when they are away from home. Like the in-home devices, your loved one will have a lanyard or bracelet that will activate an emergency response system but do not require a landline phone or internet connection to do so. These devices use GPS to have emergency personnel identify your loved one’s location.  

  1. Lively Mobile Medical Alert
  2. Lively Wearble
  3. MobileHelp Solo
  4. LifeStation Mobile with GPS

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