How to Avoid Medication Mishaps

There are a number of ways medication mishaps can happen. Using tools, like devices and apps can help medicine management easier, for both you and your loved one. We’ve broken down these valuable resources in to two sections: stand-alone devices and apps for your smart device. We have highlighted the main features of these products, but encourage you to do additional research on figure out which product best fits your needs.

Stand-Alone Devices

Stand alone devices are excellent options for those with loved ones that self-administer their medications. You and your loved one’s pharmacist load these devices with medication and your loved one receives a notification, audio and visual, that it is time to take their medication. Devices are secured to ensure to eliminate the concern of tampering. These devices keep track of regime adherence, contacting you and medical professionals (pharmacist and doctors) regarding missed doses and when it is time for a refill.

Apps for Your Smart Device

Apps used on your smart device are most useful if you are in charge of administering your loved one’s medication. You enter in information about the medication – name, doses, start/end dates, and pharmacist info – and are notified when it is time to administer your loved one’s medication. Many apps allow you to log doses as they are administered and communicate with your loved one’s medical team when it is time for a refill. Some apps allow you to include a picture of the medication as well.

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