When EMT's Come to Call

Your phone rings. There is a health emergency. Your loved one is being rushed to the hospital. You drop whatever you are doing and go straight to the Emergency Room. Of course, you are in the ER for hours. And then there is the wait for a room and the long process of being admitted. While you are waiting, exhausted and tense, you wonder if the EMT’s locked the front door when they left. Did they leave the lights on? Is the A/C blasting away with no one home? You can’t leave the hospital and there is no one else you can ask to take care of this – it’s the middle of the night!

Enter smart home technology. If you have a smart phone, you can lock the front door, turn the lights on or off and adjust the thermostat without leaving your loved one’s side even for a minute. 

With Remote Wireless Door Locks you can lock and unlock the front door from anywhere. There are even locks that can allow you to assign codes for visitors, make sure door is locked – or open if emergency services are on their way.

Remote thermostats not only respond to the app on your cell phone, but can learn household preferences overtime, making sure that even when you are at work or across the country your loved one is warm or cool enough to stay healthy.

You can even control the entire home from one integrated app.

So relax – you don’t have to rush over and take care of the house. You are letting smart technology do a bit of the caregiving for a change.

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