Senior Dental Hygiene Care is just as Important as Health Care

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Senior Dental Hygiene Care is just as Important as Health Care

My name is Sumaya Singh, but I actually go by Sam. 

It is truly difficult to see our loved ones deteriorate with age. We all do the best we can to give our elders what they need. We can’t help but always ask ourselves, “Is there an easier way of getting them the care they need?” In terms of dental hygiene care, The General Surgeon Report states that oral diseases are a “neglected epidemic”.

Oral health is last on any caregiver’s mind.  I have heard of many family members giving their best attempt of completing their love one’s daily dental hygiene routine. However, daily dental hygiene routines are lost when in the care of strangers, such as, if your loved one is under the care of at-home-nurse, or nursing facility. It is no doubt difficult to complete daily oral hygiene and most are not trained to do so. As a result, toothbrushing is the first task to be omitted.

I am a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (RDHAP). What a mouthful? Yes, it is! What all that means is that I am board certified by the state of California to provide dental hygiene services outside the traditional settings of a dental office. I provide concierge dental hygiene services for anyone who needs an easier way to access care. Concierge dental hygiene services can cater to persons with mobility difficulties, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and can have many other kinds of health conditions. These services are based on the patient’s needs and overall health condition. Services such as a professional teeth cleaning, cavity prevention, denture care, gum disease treatments, and other services are proven to improve overall quality of life for our loved ones. These services are provided to all my patients at the convenience of their home; whether it be a private residence, nursing home or independent living facility.

Our loved ones can be suffering a great deal of pain and discomfort due the increase levels of bacteria that may be causing infection- not just in their mouth, but in their entire body! It easily enters the body via the mouth, then to the body, and reaching the body’s organs. The bacteria can travel to the heart which increases risk of stroke or endocarditis, the lungs by increasing risk of pneumonia and bronchitis, and the kidneys by increasing risk of kidney failure. With professional routine dental hygiene services, our loved ones will have reduced or eliminated pain in their mouths and improved their overall health.