Potential Live-in Caregiver Needed

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Gary T
Potential Live-in Caregiver Needed

Hi, my name is Gary. This may be the wrong site to do this but I followed a link on Google when looking for caregivers. Let me know if this is not a good site for this.

We may need a live-in caregiver for my folks in Central East Coast of FL, Cocoa to be exact. Dad is 87 and is pretty far along on dementia. Not much short or long term memory. He is not an angry person though. 'Happy enough' most of the time. He needs some help at times walking and to be encouraged to move more to get stronger. 

Mom is a diabetic with COPD (from smoking for 70 yrs) but has recently been in hospital and rehab for pneumonia and knowing smoking again would probably finish her off, I think she is done with it. She is somewhat mobile but complains of numb feet. Is very picky about what she wants but is nice enough to caregivers.

Both are just going into assisted living for now, but am considering, for cost reasons, to have proper arrangement at their home with live-in caregiver that can handle all their needs and run errands and get groceries and all that. 

Not sure how much of this is done these days or what the cost would be since room, board and food are provided. Looking for a special person that this situation would help.