Dealing with likely dementia from long distance

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Dealing with likely dementia from long distance


My sister and I have been dealing with new behavior changes in our Dad for the past 4-5 months. She lives 3 hours away by car, I live several states away from him/them. 

We have succeeded in having him sign a HIPAA release form so we can talk to his doctor, as well as updating his financial power of attorney and medical directive. 

The main issue is that he lives alone in a rural setting and has many signs of dementia. He is unwilling to make any physicial/environmental changes (moving to a senior community, etc.) or take the medical advice of his doctor, who has recommended an anti-depressant. 

Some signs of dementia he shows:

  • Agitated behavior
  • Difficulty with problem-solving 
  • Personality changes - extremely depressed and hopeless much of the time
  • Inability to reason
  • Paranoia - thinking that family members are conspiring against him, afraid of getting locked up, etc. 

We have sent 2 detailed emails to his doctor, highlighting our concerns, but no response yet. Any advice for what next? How do you handle a person with likely dementia from far away? 

Thank you. 

Stephanie Nelson
The person will need

The person will need supervision around the clock. During the late-stages, around-the-clock care needs will become more intensive.There are several care options, including having a caregiver provide care in the home, moving the person into the home of a relative, or moving the person to a residential care facility. 

Try to slowly let him realise

Try to slowly let him realise that he need help and senior housing NJ is better option because he can be cared well than in home. There will be someone 24/7 to take care of him and his needs. Otherwise may be situation will get worse and that time no one will be able to do anything. Try to convince him.


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