Selected Accomplishments of CAN

  • Organization starts: In 1993, Suzanne Mintz and Cindy Fowler founded the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA was the predecessor of the Caregiver Action Network) as an organization focused on addressing the issues and concerns common to all family caregivers.

    All in the Family

    Joanie figured that when her mother, Marion, 82, got sick, the family would pull together. The youngest of four children, she lived the closest; her two brothers lived in the same state but her older sister had moved from Pennsylvania to California many years earlier. But they had always kept in touch.

    Changing Relationships, Changing Lives

    “The only thing constant is change.”  We’ve all heard this well-worn adage time and time again.  We accept change as part of the rhythm of life, as when spring finally emerges and winter or an engagement leads to marriage.  These are anticipated changes, positive alterations in our lives.  We look forward to them and plan for them.