Rogelio Quinones
El Paso
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My name is Rogelio or "Roger" Quinones, I am single now,age 63, male (I feel great or of having completed my special mission to my dear family!)
I was the caregiver for about 12+ years for my dear parents and older brother: my dad Paulino II lived to age 97, my mom Maria to age 96. I also assisted with my older brother Paul who died at age 62 (4 heart valve replacements at various years and due to Rheumatic Fever as child, which causes inflammation of heart valves.)
Caregiving beginning: At the request of

Wish List: 
"Wish List" 1. That caregivers have a breather or to get away for a weekend every-once in while.. (hello.. major hotel chains or management, how about some complimentary rooms when you have slow weekends or 50-60% occupancy or do your part - its good for PR!) I was able to get away for a few hours..on weekends, have some drinks, and of which was wonderful to refresh yourself (catch-up with yourself or own thoughts) and which was also good for everyone..around!) 2. Caregivers Pay: Most importanly, to have