Automate Check-In Calls to Your Loved One with Care Angel

Not all tech solutions require a smart phone or even an internet connection! Your loved one can receive a call from "Angel" on their land line. "Angel" will ask how your loved one is doing and then, using sophisticated artificial intelligence, ask other follow up questions. If there is a problem, Care Angel can contact you, call for help or suggest solutions!

Make Sure You Are Healthy and Hydrated

Drinking water is about as low tech as it comes - right? So why do we forget to do it enough? It is so easy to become dehydrated as a caregiver - and it can even be dangerous for those you are caring for. Make sure that both you and your loved drink plenty of water.

Plant Nanny is an app that tells you how much water you need to drink and records how much you drink daily. Your progress is represented by a plant, which is feed and grows as you drink.