iCAN Tech

Automated Pill Dispenser Maya Makes Remote Meds Management Easier

Many loved ones take a confusing array of pills for various ailments. Taking the wrong medication, or even taking them at the wrong time, can have serious consequences.  To remedy this problem, pill dispensers have been created with timers and alarms that can communicate with computers and cell phones.

ElliQ: A Social Robot for Seniors

For some loved ones, isolation is a significant problem. ElliQ is a desktop robot with an auto-swiveling head that connects seniors to friends for messages and video chats, and makes it a little easier for them to find and use online information and services. It recommends physical activities, such as going out for a walk or taking medicine, and makes personalized suggestions for different types of music, news, or games. ElliQ is in testing trials before being available for sale.

PREPARE Helps Your Family Make Medical Decisions

PREPARE For Your Care is a free website that walks you through five steps that help explore your wishes for your healthcare. It uses videos to show you how to talk to your family about important questions. You can create a summary of your wishes, and an advanced directive, which is a legal document that will make sure your doctors and your family follow your wishes and give you the care you want.

When You Need Medication Management For Your Loved One

After my young daughter had double hip surgery, she had been prescribed about 8 medications—from laxatives to vitamins to several pain management options. Pages of complex instructions from the discharge nurse detailed my new medication management responsibilities. Administer this liquid medicine one twice a day, every 12 hours. Take this pill once daily, but only give half a pill; take with food.

When EMT's Come to Call

Your phone rings. There is a health emergency. Your loved one is being rushed to the hospital. You drop whatever you are doing and go straight to the Emergency Room. Of course, you are in the ER for hours. And then there is the wait for a room and the long process of being admitted. While you are waiting, exhausted and tense, you wonder if the EMT’s locked the front door when they left. Did they leave the lights on? Is the A/C blasting away with no one home? You can’t leave the hospital and there is no one else you can ask to take care of this – it’s the middle of the night!

Organizing Medication and Information

At the pharmacy. At the doctor’s office. At the family meeting. As a caregiver, there will never be a shortage of times when having your loved one’s health records – health history, medications and current treatment plan, doctor/pharmacy contact information - is crucial. Using an app on your smart device puts that information at your fingertips in an instant.