iCan Tech - Meds

Technology for Family Caregivers

If you are like most family caregivers, you already have your hands full with tasks such as managing all of your loved one's many needs. Chances are your loved one has multiple chronic conditions, which means they have to take multiple medications. One of the most significant tasks you do on a daily basis is managing those medications – making sure they are taken properly and on time, getting refills, and watching for side effects and symptoms. Wouldn’t caregiving be a bit less stressful if there was an easy, safe way to track your loved one’s meds? Well, you’re in luck, because technologies to do exactly that are ready and waiting for you to use.


Many loved ones take a confusing array of pills for various ailments.

After my young daughter had double hip surgery, she had been prescribed about 8 medications—from laxatives to vitamins to several pain management options.

At the pharmacy. At the doctor’s office. At the family meeting.

There are a number of ways medication mishaps can happen. Using tools, like devices and apps can help medicine management easier, for both you and your loved one.