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Family caregiving can be a full-time job. You manage doctor appointments, provide transportation, make sure medications are taken on time, and keep the home going – to name just a few of the vital tasks that you perform on a daily basis. So, you’d welcome anything that could help you manage all that, right? Well, you’re in luck! There are loads of new technologies designed to make your life as a caregiver easier and to keep your loved one safe and healthy.

iCAN Tech was created specifically to help you sort through this new and sometimes intimidating world of high-tech products and services in a way that makes sense for you, the family caregiver.

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Knowing your loved one is safe is a priority. Whether they are at home or out and about, being able to access help immediately when an emergency arises is crucial.

Like many caregivers, I work fulltime, have my own home and family to care for and then, when I go to my father's house, I get to do all the household chores there, too. Caregivers sometimes have to keep their own home clean and fresh - and then repeat the same

Being with your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week isn’t possible.

Not all tech solutions require a smart phone or even an internet connection! Your loved one can receive a call from "Angel" on their land line.

Drinking water is about as low tech as it comes - right? So why do we forget to do it enough? It is so easy to become dehydrated as a caregiver - and it can even be dangerous for those you are caring for. Make sure that both you and your loved drink plenty of water.

On a Friday night, November 3rd, students from various different backgrounds met for the first time at a pool hall.

The 3rd Annual Caring for the Caregiver Hack, which took place November 4 and 5 in Richmond, VA, challenged college students to advance the health and improve the lives of family caregivers by creating technological tools such as apps, devices for the home,

The beauty of technology is that it’s always accessible and constantly adapting to better meet our needs. But that’s also its downfall: the lightning pace of updates and upgrades can be discouraging to less active users—especially when there are so many options.

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