hi, this is great we are all here

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hi, this is great we are all here

hi, this is me, Marina, so happy i found you, guys.
just saying hello. it is very diffirent, so now i have to learn my way around the forum.
my mom is stable.
i am a little woried these days: was called back after mammogram for more images...next week will go, scary...



I had a call-back after a mammogram. Please don't sweat it, and keep in mind that the scans these days are now so hyper-sensitive that they pick up EVERYTHING. This is great, as far as early detection, but a lot of folks get drawn through a lot of unnecessary worry, waiting to get that second scan done because "something showed up" on the original one.

I will keep you in prayer. So glad you found the new site!


You are in my prayers, also,

You are in my prayers, also, Marina. Just b/c there is a mass does not mean breast cancer.

thank you, guys. still not

thank you, guys. still not done with it. i have to have biopsy now for calcifications on 2/20. so please keep praying for me.
it says that 80% of those are benign, i hope to be in those 80%...
sometimes i am thinking that i did not do enough for my dad, and this is panishment for that.
i should try not to get into this pattern of thinking.
my mom is stable, thank God!!!
Love you, Marina.


You did what you could with the tools you had for your father. I feel God never punishes us for doing the best we could. Do you need to forgive yourself b/c YOU feel you did not do enough? The hardest person to forgive is ourselves for perceived shortcomings.

I had a biopsy for calcifications on 12/12/12. I have the T-shirt "It happened on 12.12.12.". Everything came out negative. I did learn later that I did not need anything more than a core biopsy. I had a lumpectomy/partial mastectomy. Now that some of my lymph nodes are removed on my right, medical staff can no longer use that arm (the good one) for BP, drawing blood, or giving me an IV. Do ask if lymph nodes need to be removed or if you can "get away" with a core biopsy which is what I hope you are referring to when you mention a biopsy.

Marina, you remain in my prayers.


Hi, Ming

Hi, Ming
yes, i have to forgive myself...it is hard.

i will have stereotactic needle biopsy.
i am confused, you said that you have a core biopsy, and it was negative. So why you had lumpectomy and even lymph nodes removed? or this was 2 different events?
this is great that yours was negative.
i hope i will be ok, thank you for praying for me



I have read Breast Cancer, Real Questions, Real Answers - a book in which a doctor lays it all out using the questions he has been asked over 20 yrs of bc oncology practice. Breast cancer does not happen overnight. It begins in adolescence when our mammary glands are forming. "Junk food" and other habits during our adolescence according to this dr is a major contributor to breast cancer. SHOULD you have b/c, it started a long time ago.

I had a mass show up on my yearly mammo. After the follow-up, the surgeon recommended to me did a fine needle aspiration (FNA) of the cells, also considered a stereotatctic needle biopsy, in the his office. The pathology report came back as "atypical cells." The Mayo Clinic says, "Atypical cells appear abnormal, but they aren't necessarily cancerous."

I agreed to a lumpectomy not knowing the full extent of the pathology report. The lump and 4 lymph nodes were removed from under my arm.

The core biopsy was never done. Later when I was reading my FNA pathology report, I noticed the pathologist recommended "a core biopsy to get a better definition of the cells." In other words, I may not have needed the lumpectomy.

I did not ask enough questions. (Yes, I have quit kicking myself.)

In the end it was determined that the mass I had could have bee instigated by trauma, specifically a car accident I was in 2 yrs ago where the shoulder seat belt strap went right over the top of my breast and left a nasty bruise across the front of me.

Marina, If I had to do this all over again, I would make sure I had a woman with me to ask questions that I may forget. Sometimes we are in a state of mind that the "dr knows what he is doing." Do you know a bc survivor who would be your advocate? Do you live near a hospital specializing in cancer? The hospital may have a network of volunteers who are bc survivors, one of whom could be your advocate w/the drs. I would go no further than the needle biopsy and be prepared to ask questions.

If the cells come back as "atypical", I would have an oncologist surgeon (cancer dr) who works many bc cases take a look at the films, ultrasound(s), and the reports to get a second opinion before going under the knife. This is one time a 2nd opinion is valuable.

One last item. Have you given birth to children and did you learn Lamaze breathing? The concentration and the deep breathing will help you through the needle biopsy even though the dr will give you a local.

I complained after my FNA to the dr that he had deflated my boob! He is so used to being cussed out, my comment took him by surprise. Remember the Commitment of Caregiving that says "Do Not Lose Your Sense of Humor!"


Dear Ming, thank you for such

Dear Ming, thank you for such a detailed answer. I will use your advice. I will ask questions and i will wait till result and for sure if further things need to be done, i will go to the bc surgeon to cancer institute, i had a scare a few years ago(was benign) and i already went there at that point. So i am not going to rush into anything until i get opinion there if needed, and if any further procedure will be needed, it will be done there. Also need to work it all out with insurance, this is pain also.
but the first step to go thru with this biopsy and get result. this is the one when you lay on your stomack, and your breast in the hole on the table. and what i also know that sometimes they could not reach the calcification area this way, just can not, so in this case insicion biopsy is needed, and this is when surgeon is needed.
so i am trying to prepare myself for that outcome as well.
i will keep you posted, thank you so much for talking to me about this at that scary moment of my life.
take care of yourself, M.

Ming, i am still thinking of

Ming, i am still thinking of your story. And may be it is not a bad thing you had this surgery, and got rid of this lump, because there were some atypical cells there, and who knows what will happen in the future with it.
all those needle biopsies( and core as well) might miss some little spot, as i read about it.
i always think it is better be safe than sorry.
but may be it is me: i am scared chicken...