I can't think!!!!!

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rhonda smith
I can't think!!!!!

I moved my desk to the living room so my mom won't be alone and do weird things while she watches t.v. NOW, I can't think while I do my college schoolwork online. The t.v.'s always going. Headphones have to be super loud to blare out the t.v. I can't concentrate or think. I hate this. I'm sick and tired of taking care of this crazy woman!!!!


Have you tried (and you probably did) speaking w/Mom about the loudness of the TV? If it went in one ear & out the other try the following.

Check with your local electronics store for a TV transmitter with headphones. The transmitter sends the TV sounds to the headphones that Mom would wear. Set a boundary that if YOU need to wear headphones, so does Mom.

Check out http://www.leezasplace.org/ten_comm.html
These are commitments a caregiver needs to make to themselves with the first being "Put your oxygen mask on first." Print these out & put them where you can read them each day.

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This is excellent advice.

This is excellent advice. Why didn't I think of that.

Hi -- I like the second

Hi -- I like the second "commandment" too..."never assume." Hopefully your mother just needs to know that it's too much noise for you, and will be open to working something out.
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